Bill Hutchinson will return to fighting on August 16 in Las Vegas but it won't be in a boxing ring it will be in the BKB, Big Knockout Boxing, pit. If you are unfamiliar with BKB here is the description from the site:

Big-Knockout Boxing (BKB) is a new combat sport that is developed and owned by DIRECTV. The Nevada State Athletic Commission sanctioned BKB which will now make the new fight sport official. Headquarters  for BKB will be established in the state of Nevada sometime in the near future. Big-Knockout Boxing is an aggressive new combat sport that matches two fighters together in a pit. "The Pit" is smaller than a boxing ring and encourages more action than the traditional boxing ring .

BKB creates a new level of fighting intensity, competition consists of two-minute rounds and encourages aggressive punching and rewards offensive fighters. Big-Knockout Boxing format pushes fighters to engage in offense from start to finish and provides an experience that both casual and hard core fans will enjoy.

In a few less words BKB is boxing in a pit with boxing gloves. This will be interesting to see how Hutchinson, a more face first brawler than boxer, will do in the pit. This seems like a good fit for the aggressive fighter and he's always fun to watch in the boxing ring so putting him in a smaller pit could produce fireworks.