I would say that the Juan Manuel Marquez-Michael Katsidis is the fight of the weekend but the Arthur Abraham-Carl Froch fight isn’t far behind.

There is a lot of potential for this fight to be really good but it isn’t a can’t miss fight like Marquez-Katsidis. Abraham is rarely in an exciting fight because he doesn’t exchange a lot and sits behind his defense.

On the other hand Froch will make a fight as ugly as he needs to so he can get the win. This fight will either be explosive or very sloppy like the Froch fight against Andre Dirrell.

This fight no matter how it ends up is a relevant fight no matter what. You have two top ten boxers facing off in one of the hottest divisions in boxing today.

The Super Six has lost a lot of steam but this is still a critical fight in the division and will shape it for the next few years.

This fight is very interesting because neither fighter is more skilled or that much better than the other but they bring two totally different styles to the table.

Abraham has his hide and seek power punching style while Froch has a very loose style that is awkward and he throws a lot of punches.

They both have good power but Abraham possibly has the best one punch power in the sport. He has good power in both hands as well even though his left is underrated.

He has big time knockouts over Edison Miranda, Jermain Taylor (right hand), and Khoren Gevor (left hand).

Froch on the other hand has knockouts but his only knockout over a big time fighter is Taylor and that doesn’t say much.

He has power but I don’t think it compares to Abraham’s power. Froch has the advantage in speed and it is pretty significant.

This may be the biggest advantage he has and the one that could turn the fight in his favor. If he puts his punches together he can keep Abraham in the shell and never let him get off.

He also has the wide looping punches that can get around the shell of Abraham and hurt him. On the other hand Abraham may find Froch an easy target for his right hand bombs.

Froch can get overly aggressive at times and that may be his undoing. Abraham has fought aggressive fighters and has only been troubled by Miranda in their first fight.

Froch is a better fighter than Miranda outside of his punching power but is much more athletic and can lean on that if he has to.

Both fighters have solid chins and a knockout is going to take a lot of punishment. A knockout is going to be a big task but both fighters have the ability to get one.

I honestly have no idea how this fight is going to play out but there are a few things that concern me on both sides. Froch often fights hard and tends to fight on fumes in the later rounds.

If he does this he may get knocked out in the later rounds. On the flip side Froch may land a big looping shot early and get to Abraham early.

If he does that it may get Abraham out of his comfort zone and force him to make a mistake. That seems highly unlikely but it is possible.

I lean towards Froch ever so slightly because he is more athletic and quite possibly because I like him more. I go with Froch by ugly, rough, close unanimous decision.