Will Rod Salka have nerves as he walks down the aisle to the biggest fight of his life, probably. Will he be intimated or in awe of the man that most people say is the best 140 pound fighter in the world, no. Danny Garcia's father, Angel, can pretend he doesn't know who Rod Salka is and maybe he doesn't remember him but he should because Salka stunned Garcia in the 2005 132 pound Pennsylvania Golden Glove finals.

Garcia was a 17 year old amateur while Salka was a 22 year old when they met in the finals for the Golden Glove state final. Salka landed a good shot to the chin of Garcia and watched as his knees buckled. Garcia, to his credit, took the shot well composed himself and immediately moving forward. The fight ended up going the distance and going to Garcia but it wasn't a fight that Salka forgot.

"I thought I won that fight, and I had people that were in attendance tell me I won that fight. I'd love to get another shot at Garcia." Salka told Kissing the Canvas this before his last fight against Alexi Collado and little did he know that his dream would come true. Now he finds himself in a position to right a wrong and although he can't take the titles from Garcia he can gain a measure of redemption for that close fight in 2005.