Dorin Spivey retained his NABA lightweight title with a MD-10 (95-95 Draw, 96-94 97-93) over Rod Salka. I had Salka (16-2 3 KO) winning the fight six rounds to four. He used what I thought was superior movement and landed a lot of good jabs and big right hands.

The 39-year-old Spivey (42-6 30 KO) had his moments but seemed to be falling short with his punches and was following Salka around instead of cutting the ring off. Listening to the very biased annoucers you would thing Spivey was winning every round.

Salka buckled Spivey on two occasions and was buckled once himself. Salka had a great game plan as he took over in the later rounds and beat Spivey to the punch on a lot of occasions. When Salka pumped the jab he was able to keep Spivey off his game.

Spivey worked the body well at times and landed some big shots but it wasn't enough in my book to pull out the win.