Well this rumor was made a reality very quickly. Floyd Mayweather Jr. confirmed on his twitter that he will indeed fight Victor Ortiz on Sept. 17 in Las Vegas.

That weekend usually has big fights, and this is one of the biggest that could be made. Mayweather has been out of the ring since his drubbing of Shane Mosley on May 1, 2010.

Dan Rafael of ESPN confirmed via his twitter that the fight will be in Vegas, likely the MGM Grand, and there will indeed be USDA drug testing for this fight.

This is an overall interesting fight for both fighters. Mayweather will be 34-years-old when he steps into the ring, and will be coming off of a 16-month layoff. He should be the favorite here but those two factors may be the reason Ortiz (29-2-2 22 KO) took the fight.

Mayweather (41-0 25 KO) is the more skilled fighter here but I would give Ortiz a shot. He is young, powerful, and is coming off his best win so his confidence is probably sky high.

Acutally beating Mayweather is going to be hard because he isn't going to outbox him, and trying to land one big one on Mayweather is no easy task. He isn't Andre Berto.

It is also worth noting that Mayweather has used USDA testing for the second straight time so saying he is using that excuse to not fight Pacquiao holds no weight. He is being very consistent with it.

At any rate, this fight is already being received well and the buzz could grow pretty fast.