Former WBO heavyweight champion "Relentless" Lamon Brewster gave his thoughts on the upcoming James Toney-Denis Lebedev clash. He picked Toney to win and I think by KO but he never says the word knockout.

I am not sure what Brewster is doing in Toney's camp but I know he is involved in someway.

He just says Toney is going to make an example of Lebedev (whose name he can't pronounce). The talk then turns to The Klitschkos, as it always does, and then I tuned out.

I believe a win against Lebedev is possible but all the the talk about The Klitschkos is crazy. He isn't going to beat them and to say that they should fight Toney instead of anyone because of his "name" is nuts.

Toney will get a name boost if he wins on Friday but as of right now he is no better option then any other faceless heavyweight.

Speaking of heavyweights faces, how gnarly is Brewster's eye? That is a very somber reminder that this sport we love takes a HUGE toll on fighters.

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