Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. hasn’t annouced an opponent yet but it appears it will be Peter Manfredo Jr. who gets the fight in the Fall. This is a fight that will have some people shaking their heads but it is one I like.

The 30-year-old Manfredo Jr. (37-6 20 KO) is someone that I always liked but I resigned myself to the fact he would never win a major title. He had his chance in 2007 against Joe Calzaghe but was stopped in third round of a fight he shouldn't of been in.

Since then he has gone 10-2 and has beaten some solid, but not great, fighters, his best wins being David Banks, Matt Vanda, and Daniel Edouard . He has also won the NABF title twice and the lightly regarded IBO title once in that span.

Those names I listed above may not be impressive but they aren't much worse, if at all, then Chavez Jr. (43-0-1 30 KO). He has proven to be about average and had a tough time with Zbik. I don't think he is a top-10 junior middleweight and he shouldn't be called one.

Manfredo Jr. isn't a top tier fighter either but he is better then Chavez Jr. He has had an honest career and none of his six losses, outside of Jeff Lacy, are that bad. He is an action fighter and the real reason I want to see him get this is because he loves boxing. The dude just loves boxing.

Manfredo Jr. and Chavez Jr. aren't that much different, they are both decent fighters, they are both action fighters, and they have both fought for, and in one case won, a title. The difference is Manfredo Jr. loves boxing and Chavez Jr. was born into boxing.

Chavez Jr. seems to try hard and it's not his fault he is a pawn in someones game but he doesn't truly love the sport like Manfredo Jr. does. If he could win the title the scene would be so emotionally charged. I don't care that Manfredo Jr. isn't much better.

I rather have a decnet titleholder who loves boxing, then a decent titleholder who was born into it. This may seem silly and make me look bad but frankly I don't care.

Give Manfredo Jr. the title shot.