Here is a video of James Toney doing what he does best, trash talking. As I said yesterday he is in the best shape of his career since his fight with Evander Holyfield and I may be in the minority but I think he is a live dog.

I wouldn't put much into what he says here though. Toney has always been and always will be a talker. If he thinks he can beat The Klitschkos good for him.

I don't think he could beat The Klitschkos and nobody else does but I do think he has a shot against the crude Lebedev. He is in good shape, knows all the tricks, and can take a punch.

I wouldn't say he is the favorite or anything but he has a shot if you ask me. It was brought to my attention by Scott Christ of Bad Left Hook that he is no longer the IBA heavyweight champion.

That title doesn't mean anything but if you are going to promote yourself by using that you should, you know, actually hold it.