Just a short video of James Toney hitting the mitts before his interim WBA cruiserweight title fight against Denis Lebedev. Nothing much here just a light workout on the pads but the slimness of Toney continues to impress me.

He is in such good shape and I have said it a lot but I truly believe he has the right skill-set to beat the limited Lebedev. I can't get the image of Lebedev looking so-so against a totally shot Roy Jones Jr.

Toney isn't his prime but he still has that shoulder roll and rock chin. Lebedev is crude and relies on his power. I don't see him getting Toney out of there and I see him getting frustrated.

If that happens he could be in for a long night. The fight starts at 12 p.m. Eastern and can be found via stream. I have seen one place say that GoFightLive.com will carry it but there is no listing on thier site.

The video is coursety of www.allboxing.ru.