Jason Bergman knows a thing or two about taking a fight on short notice. He took his very first fight on less than a weeks notice and ate nine double cheeseburgers the night before he stepped into the ring. That wasn't the last time the big hitting heavyweight took a fight on short notice and most of his losses are due to taking a fight on short notice and poor training habits in the beginning of his career.

When he steps into the ring tonight it will be his opponent he took the fight on short notice. Bergman (23-10-2 16 KO) got a call Thursday at about 10 a.m. and was told that his opponent had dropped out and they were looking for a new one. The phone rang again about an hour later and it was confirmed that Akhror Muralimov would be stepping in.

Bergman isn't worried about facing a different fighter and actually thinks it helped his chances, "This guy is tailored made for me. He has videos online and the other guy didn't have anything. He says that he is an offensive fighter and I like that because he is going to come to me and I am going to get to fight moving back. I rarely get to but I hope he gives me the chance to."

He also thinks that he will be able to exploit some weakness that the undefeated Muralimov (15-0 12 KO) has. "My trainer thinks that he is tailored made for a lefty. He pulls back his left hand when he shoots the jab and that gives me a nice opening since I am a lefty. He looked flat footed and sloppy and I think I am faster but we will see on fight night."

He also won't have to change his game plan for Muralimov as he is about the same height and weight as his original opponent. "No I won't change what I was doing. I just hope he brings the fight to me and hopefully it's an early night."

If Muralimov brings the fight to Bergman the chances are it will be an early night and Bergman will be the one getting his hand raised. He's come a long way since taking fights on short notice and not training right. If he wins tonight he will probably move in the top 15 and go searching for bigger fights.

Doors open at 6 p.m. and fights start at 7:30 p.m. and will also be shown live in the casino via television.