Jason Bergman found Thursday that he was fighting Akhror Muralimov. He was confident that he would be able to knock out the late replacement opponent. After stunning Muralimov in the first round he ate a clean shot and couldn't recover prompting his corner to throw in the towel. Bergman was dropped by a big shot and was basically out on his feet but got up and was given an eight count before the referee let the fight go on. Muralimov moved in for the kill and ended the fight with a combination to the head. 

This is a major setbck for Bergman who entered the fight as the NABA US heavyweight champion and was looking to move into the top 15 in the world rankings. Bergman isn't new to defeat, he has 11 total, but is rarely knocked out, just four times in those 11 defeats, and this is only the second time in last 16 fights that he has loss.

Most of those losses were early in his career and came when he wasn't very serious about the sport and just viewed it as a way to make an extra buck. The undefeated fighter, Muralimov was 15-0 coming into the fight, is usually the favorite against a fighter with 10 losses but this was an upset. Bergman (23-11-2 16 KO) is a big sturdy guy and to see him lose by knockout was shocking. His last knockout loss was in 2009 or 18 fights ago.

 Bergman lost his title and will have to rebuild but this isn't the first setback he has faced and chances are strong that the big hitter will be back.