This story comes from via Dan Rafael of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. drew in 1.5 million viewers this past weekend, when he won his first title over Sebastian Zbik.

If you wondered why HBO picked up a downright lucklaster main event, this is why. Zbik has no name in the States and as a boxing fan I can tell you that 1.5 million boxing fans weren't chomping at the bit for this fight.

HBO can thank Chavez Jr. fans for this number. These are people that loved Chavez Sr. and are going to follow Jr. to the end of the earth if needed. The skill set hasn't been transferred to Chavez Jr. but the fans have been.

This shouldn't be a shock to anyone and I didn't expect numbers this good, but this doesn't really surprise me at all. He has drawn good numbers even when he was fighting nobodies, so it is hardly a surprise that his fans turned out for his first shot at a "title" belt.

There will always be talks of Saul Alvarez and Cesar Jr., and this number blew out the Alvarez-Matthew Hatton main event.

They were first reported at 1.5 million but turned out to be about 920,000. Not a bad number for a 20-year-old kid but a far cry from this number.

The real question is have these numbers been fluffed up as well, or are they spot on.