In a very disappointing move Kelly Pavlik has pulled out of his fight this Saturday against club fighter Darryl Cunningham.

It appears that this has nothing to do with his personal life, but people are going to question that, and rightly so. It appears he is upset with the offer he received from Top Rank for a Lucian Bute fight.

I have also seen comments where Pavlik wasn't going to fight a southpaw (Bute is) for "peanuts." Pavlik was going to make $1.1 million for his fight against Bute.

He was going to make $50,000 for the fight this Saturday. It was going to be a Showtime televised main event. Scott Christ over at has a interesting piece on where Pavlik has a good reason to pull out.

I'll throw my hat into that ring by saying probably not. He probably can get more then $1.1 million but it won't be much. He could feel slighted because Mikkel Kessler was offered $3.5 million to fight Bute.

I hate to break it to Pavlik but this isn't 2008. He isn't the up-and-coming undefeated middleweight contedner from blue collar Youngstown.

He has two losses, hasn't had a good win since 2009, and has pulled out of more fights (five) then he has fought (four) since 2009.

He has had some personal problems that have became public, and just hasn't been the same kind of fighter since the Bernard Hopkins loss. I just don't see how this helps his standing in the sport at all.

Top Rank is not happy with him and Showtime can't be pleased either. Pavlik will be heard from again but he is becoming less of a player every year.