Sammy Vasquez and Rod Salka step back into the ring tonight and face very different tasks. Vasquez is making his first appearance on national television against a fellow undefeated fighter and Salka is looking to rebound on national television and land a big fight.

Vasquez is facing Juan Rodriguez and should be expected to win. Rodriguez has a nice shiny undefeated record but hasn't been tested. Vasquez has the better skills and although he hasn't faced a great string of fighters has fought the better competition and is coming off of a win over a fellow undefeated fighter.

The only chance that Rodriguez has is landing a big knockout shot but with only five knockouts in his eleven wins that is probably not going to happen. Vasquez can stop the fight whenever he wants to. If he feels like boxing a bit before ending it he could do that or he could just go out super aggressively and take him out in one.

Vasquez usually feels a fighter out for a round before pouncing and I suspect he will do that tonight so I am going with Vasquez KO-2.

 Two fights after Vasquez, Salka will step into the ring and try to step into the title picture. This is the more intriguing fight of the two as Salka has fought better pro competition but Collado has a very good amateur background.

Collado does come in undefeated, 18-0 (16 KO), and has a nice knockout record but it has come against less than stellar competition.  Salka has stepped up his competition in the last two years and has defeated a world title challenger, lost a close majority decision against a 41-6 in his hometown, won the NABA USA and IBO International titles, and was robbed on national television against Ricardo Alvarez.

Five of the last six opponents for Salka have been better than anyone Collado has faced but Collado was a good amateur so the skills are there for sure. This will be an interesting styles clash and whoever can impose their will should pull out the win.

Collado is going to try and land the knockout punch while Salka will try to box and mix it up on his own terms. If Collado can't knock Salka out, a task that will be difficult due to Salka's iron chin, it is going to be hard to outbox Salka. 

Salka shouldn't have to worry about the judges tonight as he is fighting in his hometown and that is why Kissing the Canvas is going with Salka via tight and entertaining UD-10.