Mike Tyson recently sat down with WTAE and Andrew Stockey to talk about his past and more importantly local fighters Sammy Vasquez and Rod Salka. In case you can't watch the video here are some of the highlights:

  • This is the first time Tyson has spent any time in Pittsburgh, he drove through 20 years ago, and the biggest thing he notices is how much nicer the city is.
  • The main reason he is here is because Pittsburgh has been a big fight city "since the beginning of time" and has had 10 world champions.
  • Sammy Vasquez who has a tremendous fan base deserves a fighter in front of his fans in Pittsburgh.
  • Vasquez is a fan favorite fighter and Iron Mike likes that.
  • The last Vasquez fight reminded him of old school fighters and Rocky Balboa because he was knocked down and jumped back up to knock him out.
  • Rod Salka doesn't fool around and comes to fight and please the crowd.
  • They fight similar but Sammy just wants it and he hasn't had a chance to see Rod to much.
  • Vasquez has an infinity for his fans and doesn't want to let them down and that's a good quailty.
  • It's weird being a promoter and talking about other people more than himself.
  • He works for the fighter and wants the world to know them like he does.
  • Boxing isn't dead but we need an exciting heavyweight.
  • He doesn't know what he wants people to think about him when they speak in the future.

It is a really interesting piece and even if you cant watch it now I suggest you check it out whenever you can. Don't forget that Sammy Vasquez and Rod Salka will be on Showtime live this Friday.