If Monty Meza Clay shadow boxed in a mirror all night it would be very close to what his fight with Emmanuel Lucero was. Both fighters looked to go to the body, land right hands, and duck under their opponents punches.

Meza Clay (34-3 21 KO) was fighting Lucero again to erase the memory of his majority decision win against him last time. He was looking to make a statement and knock out Lucero but it wasn't in the cards.

Both fighters looked to fight on the inside and neither man clinched well on the inside instead opting to do work. Meza Clay and trainer Tommy Yankello said they were going to focus on the body and Meza Clay got after the body in the first round.

Both fighters looked to go to the body while both landed good right hand shots and good uppercuts. Meza Clay won the first two rounds by thin margins but won the third clearly by landing six good hard right hooks to the head of Lucero.

He took control of the fourth round as well and had Lucero stumbling back at one point. Most rounds played out the same with Meza Clay throwing a shot and Lucero punching right back. The seventh round saw the crowd come to life when Meza Clay landed a nice uppercut.

The rounds were close by they were clearly rounds for Monty. I scored the fight 77-75 and the judges had it 77-75 (2x) and a rather wide 80-72.

Monty was not available for comment after the fight.