I wanted to comment on this but thought the time had passed until Nacho Beristain laid down this little nugget via Notifight.com via Boxingscene.com:

"In the 52 years that I've been in boxing, I've never seen a robbery like this. The three judges who issued the results are unworthy of being in this sport.

What? This was the worst robbery in 52 years? This man has got to be crazy. I find it funny he blames the judges even though he was the one telling JMM that he had it in the bag. Maybe you should look in the mirror for why your fighter coasted the last round and got a loss instead of a draw.

I scored the fight for Juan Manuel Marquez. I gave him the fight six rounds to five with one even. That means if you scored the first round for someone it was a two point win or a draw on my card.

That does not make it a robbery. That word gets thrown around to much in the boxing world today. Paul Williams-Erislandy Lara was a robbery. This was a great fight between two great fighters that could of gone either way.

Fans always have to pick a side and then defend it until the death in todays world. Like I said I scored the fight for Marquez but I will listen to someone who scored it the other way. Why, because it was a tight fight.

There is debate out there and that's fine because this fight was close and you are going to have people who feel one way or another. But to dismiss the other side and yell and kick your feet is absurd.

This was a close fight. If this debate was a job the word robbery need not apply here. I understand the frustration that Beristain has but come on you're not doing anything to help your man out.

Just like fight night when you told him he was ahead.