Paul Spadafora may finally be getting the big fight he is chasing. According to RingTV and Adrien Broner is considering Spadafora for his next fight in September. Broner was considering facing Emmanuel Taylor but it appears that is off of the table.

This would be the big fight that Spadafora has been looking for and would jump start his career and would certainly push him towards a title fight in 2015. Spadafora bounced back from his first career loss against Johan Perez and defeated Hector Velaquez by unanimous decision over eight rounds at The Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh.

Broner and Al Haymon are probably viewing Spadafora as a warm up as he is a light puncher and older but the last time they faced an older light punching fighter, Paulie Malignaggi, he struggled mightily and won a disputed decision. Spadafora is hoping that the fight comes off but isn't excited just yet:

"My manager, Joe Horn, said something to me about that. He asked me if I would take the fight, and I said, ‘Yeah, of course,'" said Spadafora, a former IBF lightweight titleholder. "He asked me this like two or three days ago, and I was like, ‘Of course I'd take that fight.'"

"My manager wasn't saying it was a done deal or anything like that, but he didn't sound like it wasn't, either. I don't want to get the call and then get excited and it's not there, you know what I'm saying. So it ain't for sure," said Spadafora.

"But a fight like that would be great for me. That would really motivate me to f-kin' get my s-t right. That would be a big fight for me. That would be the biggest fight for me that I've had in 15 years, or that I would ever have. That would have me on the track to do some great things."

This would be an incredible comeback story for Paul Spadafora and if he wants to do great things this would be the perfect start.