Last night Paul Spadafora had a chance to reclaim a title and keep his undefeated record intact. He did both as he defeated Rob Frankel on scores of 99-91, 98-92, and 97-93.

The win netted Spadafora the NABF light welterweight title and it may not be a world title but it is another step in the comeback trail.

Frankel had success early on by coming in aggressively and landing the lead right hand. Two of the first three rounds went to Frankel on my card because he was busier and Spadafora knew this.

"I'm a professional fighter and I knew it was a ten round fight, but I could see giving him some of the early rounds. I knew I was going to get into rhythm eventually."

Spadafora (48-0-1 19 KO) found his rhythm in round four and never looked back winning every round on my card. Frankel (32-13-1 6 KO) never backed down though but was unable to land any significant punches as Spadafora showed vintage defense.

Spadafora was able to land the right hook over Frankel's low left hand all night and by the end of the night Frankel was bleeding from both eyes.

He also pumped out his trademark jab and his superior body work slowed Frankel down in the later rounds and caused him to wobble on a few occasions. 

With the win Spadafora will probably move into the top five of the WBC and will be looking for a title fight or title elimantor.

Ed Latimore found himself in the unusual position of being the supporting bout after just one pro fight. Latimore (2-0 2 KO) took out Donnie Crawford in the second round.

Crawford (1-6-1 1 KO) was game but just didn't have the skill to truly test Latimore. Latimore went to the body extremely well for an unseasoned heavyweight and bothered Crawford throughout with his body work.

Latimore dropped him in the second with a right uppercut and the follow up attack forced the corner to stop it at 1:22 of the second round.

Wilkins Santiago battered tough Mustafah Johnson around the ring for six rounds but was unable to stop the tough fighter from Indianapolis.

Johnson was there all night and willing to mix it up but Santiago found a home for his overhand right and landed it at will throughout. Santiago also went to the body well and hurt Johnson (9-17-1 2 KO) in the final round with a body shot.

When the six rounds were over the scores read 59-55, 59-56, and 60-54 all for Santiago (8-0 1 KO). 

In the best action fight of the night local action star Billy Hutchinson delivered with a big knockout of Damon Antoine. Antoine (11-46-2 5) has only been knocked out 14 times in those 46 losses.

Hutchinson looked much better defensively and was landing with both hands. He wobbled Antoine in the second round with two right hooks and mixed in a nice body attack.

He landed a nice right uppercut and right hook before a timeout was called by the referee for low blows. After the timeout Hutchinson (6-1-2 4 KO) landed a left that stunned Antoine.

The round started with Antonie bleeding from the nose. Antonie was finally dropped in the fourth with a big right hand and Hutchinson finished the fight with a right uppercut. The fight was topped at 1:32 of the fourth.

The most bizarre fight of the night was between the crude Travis Clark and the unwilling Martez Williamson. Clark (3-0 2 KO) was crude and doing a lot of holding and hitting and forced Williamson to the mat on a few occasions.

After the fourth trip, two official, to the mat Williamson (1-1) proclaimed that Clark didn't want to box and he was quitting. The time was 1:39 of round one.

The night opened with Joey Holt defeating Austin Marcum by TKO in round four. Holt was the aggressor throughout the fight but Marcum was staying in the fight by being busy.

Holt finally got to Marcum and the fight was stopped at 2:04 of the final round.