Rod Salka lost what should have been a very close decision to Ricardo Alvarez. One judge did not see it as close as the announcers and myself and scored it 98-92 for Alvarez.

The other judges saw it much more close, as did most observers, at 95-95 and 96-94 for Alvarez. I scored the bout 7-3 in favor of Salka (18-3 3 KO). Bad Left Hook had it 97-93 for Salka, and Showtime commentators Barry Tompkins and Steve Farhood both had it 96-94 for the Pennsylvania underdog.

Two of the three rounds I gave to Alvarez were very close and could have gone the other way.

9-1 for Salka would of been very wide but would of made much more sense that 98-92 for Alvarez.

Alvarez (23-2-3 13 KO) is the money fighter and it's no surprise that he picked up the win. He wasn't very effective in the first five rounds, I had him winning only one, and he just followed Salka around while landing next to night.

Salka on the other hand moved beautifully, kept his jab in Alvarez's face, and punched in combination. He made Alvarez look like an ineffective plodder.

The second half of the fight got tighter but Salka kept on working and although not landing the most crushing blows he landed a lot of power shots and kept the combinations flowing.

Alvarez did get through with more shots but they were usually one at a time. The argument for Alvarez was power shots because he hit harder but he landed one fewer power shot than Salka.

Salka had the edge in every department out jabbing Alvarez 85 to 48, landing 89 power shots to Alvarez's 88, and landing more punches overall 174 to 136. The one power shot isn't a massive difference but if your argument is Alvarez won on power shots it doesn't hold up well.

The 95-95 and 96-94 weren't awful scores and are understandable but the last card was ridiculous and I feel, along with the announcers, that Salka did enough to win.