Sammy Vasquez Jr. had a chance to obtain a top ten ranking and did it in smashing fashion by going past eight rounds for the first time and won by knockout over previously undefeated James Stevenson. Vasquez looked the best he has in the ring and overcame some adversity to secure the win and the IBF USBA welterweight title.

Vasquez came out quick, darting in and out, putting his punches together nice, and controlling the ring. Stevenson found most success with his uppercut when he pushed Vasquez to the ropes but was unable to do it effectively for long periods of time. After four rounds Kissing the Canvas had Vasquez up three rounds to one. After losing the fourth round Vasquez came back and had one of his best rounds in the fifth by punching to the body before going back to the head.

Vasquez had Stevenson in trouble in the sixth but got a little careless with his defense and ate a solid left that buckled his knees near the end of the round. Vasquez showed resolve and came back to knockdown Stevenson in the eighth and then finish him off when the referee stepped in to stop the fight. This was a important, character building fight that all young fighters need to have. This fight will serve him in a big way down the road. 


Shut it down. Pittsburgh saw its fight of the year tonight and boxing has a contender for fight of the year. Meza Clay was coming off of a long layoff and was having concussions issues but showed that not only is he back but he may be better than ever.

Meza Clay and Allen Herrera took little time in getting to know each other and started fast. It was quickly apparent that Meza Clay was going to be able to land the right hand at will and he did, tagging Herrera with multiple overhand rights. They stood shoulder to shoulder and could of fought in a phone booth if need be.

Meza Clay also showed improved defense, and although he did take shots, he was rolling with punches and making Herrera miss more and more as the fight went on. The fourth saw the fight get chippy as Herrera head butted Meza Clay and threw a late punch. Meza Clay responded by butting Herrera back. The eighth saw Meza Clay land even more right hands before flexing his muscles after the bell.

The crowd got into the fight and started chants of Monty, Monty, Monty in round nine. He satisfied the crowd by staggering Herrera with a left hook. He finished matters in the tenth with a left hook and follow up flurry which included a nice uppercut.

Monty not only put his name back into lights but made a statement that he's back and better than ever.