1.) Sammy Vasquez did two tours of duty in Iraq. He originally served as a member of a Quick Response Force and then as a Cavalry Scout, as a reconnaissance specialist. He was the guy who ran towards the sound of bombs and that's why he fears no man in boxing.

2.) His pro debut was cancelled and was not scheduled in Pittsburgh. He was supposed to make his debut at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Michigan on March 16, 2012. That fight fell through and he made his debut at the Courttime Sports Complex in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania in front of a very happy hometown crowd. He fought his first six fights in PA or West Virginia, making sure his fans got a chance to see him.

3.) Vasquez was a runner up in the national golden gloves in 2008. He made it all the way to the finals before falling to Steven Martinez of New York. He won the PA Golden Glove title and was the National PAL champion. In total he had 200 amateur fights winning 170 of them.

4.) He was a three-time All-Armed Forces and All-Army champion.

5.) He took up boxing at the age of 10, in 1997, because he was bullied. The first gym he went to was Rimsek's Gym in Donora, PA and was first trained by Ryan Rimsek. He credits Rimsek with making him the well rounded, slick fighter he is today.