Yes, yes, yes. That is all I can say to that headline. According to the Twitters of Al Bernstein and Steve Kim, Bob Arum has said he "would drop everything" to make the fight happen right away.

Oscar then goes on to say he would love to make it at 154 and there is the problem. Chavez Jr. is never going back to 154 but Alvarez shouldn't have a problem going to 160.

This is a fight that would do MASSIVE numbers in both the United States and Mexico. They are both big draws, even though they are a world apart in talent, and are looked at as the new wave of Mexican fighters.

It always appeared that Arum would get a belt on Chavez Jr. and then put him into a big fight and just see what happens. He isn't a top level fighter and he has always been thought of as that cash cow for Arum.

The question is why would he risk him this soon? A fight with Alvarez would be a lopsided defeat and one that couldn't be spun any other way. Alvarez is beating far better opponents and doing it much easier.

Chavez Jr. has one okay win, in Sebastian Zbik, and he didn't set the world on fire with that win. Alvarez is coming off of a one sided beatdown of a very capable Ryan Rhodes. Not a pound-for-pound guy but a solid fighter.

The fighters themselves, outside of talent, are very similar. They both have gaudy spotless records, Alvarez 37-0-1 (27), and Chavez Jr. 43-0-1 (30).

They both hold the WBC belt in their division, Alvarez 154 lbs., Chavez Jr. 160 lbs. and they are both in there early 20's, with Alvarez being 20 and Chavez Jr. 25.

They are both beloved in Mexico. Alvarez is loved because of his style and Chavez Jr. because of his dad. The big difference though is the skill level.

This is a fight that will be talked about a lot but it isn't getting done anytime soon. Oscar wants the fight at 154 and Arum isn't going to do that. Arum also knows he has a money maker on his hands and why would he risk that.

This fight will happen someday but just not this day.