Lem Satterfield has reported that the fight propsed fight of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.-Peter Manfredo Jr. is being moved from September 24 to November 19. This is usually something that is harmless but Scott Christ of badlefthook.com points out that Manny Pacquiao is fighting on 11/12.

Whoever shows the fight usually replays it the next weekend and that gives the boxing event of that night a boost. Floyd Mayweather Jr. returns on 9/24 which would give Chavez Jr. a bump in the ratings.

This means that Pacquiao is either going back to HBO or Showtime is making a move on Chavez Jr., which is what I am guessing. Why Top Rank push back a fight when they are already getting the HBO/Mayweather Jr. bump?

That wouldn't make any sense because there is a lot of hype regarding the Mayweather Jr.-Victor Ortiz fight and it will do better or just the same as a Pacquiao fight. Showtime has been aggresive in the boxing world and Chavez Jr. isn't great but he did 1.5 million against a nobody.

Showtime would love to bring those numbers on board and it makes a lot of sense. If Showtime is able to pull someone like him away HBO is going to have almost no big names outside of Mayweather (depending on what Manny does).

This fight and where it airs could have a big impact on the boxing landscape.