Every time you turn around there is some sort of media outlet looking for the next great American heavyweight. For seven years the media has appointed different fighters only to see them fail.

This past Saturday, February 23, we finally saw some life in the American heavyweight division. To say that Tony Thompson's upset of David Price was shocking is putting it mild.

Thompson was a massive underdog going into Price's hometown and after he hit the scales at 262 it looked like he would be steamrolled by the big punching Price.

Instead the 41-year-old two time heavyweight title challenger Thompson went into the ring confident and ready to fight and caught Price with a shot behind the ear that left his rival unable to continue.

This is the biggest win for Thompson and puts his name back into the title picture. On this side of the pond unproven Malik Scott was facing favored Vyacheslav Glazkov. Glazkov had scored knockouts in five straight and was on a roll.

Scott, on the other hand, had won three straight since taking four years off. Glazkov was the big puncher on the big roll and it seemed Scott would fall within 10.

Instead the 32-year-old Scott forgot to read the script and batter Glazkov around the ring and was ready to raise his hands in victory after the 10 round affair. It was not meant to be though as the judges scored the fight a draw.

It was clear to any who watched that Scott was the better man and should have been celebrating the night away. Getting excited over a win from a 41-year-old and 32-year-old may seem absurd but they heavyweights last longer and Scott has time to do damage.

The win and draw were more than that though. They were stepping stones against American's biggest rivals in the heavyweight division, Eastern Europeans and the British.

They have dominated the title picture since Chris Byrd, Shannon Briggs, Lamon Brewster, and Hasim Rahman all dropped there titles in 2006, the last time we had an American heavyweight champion.

The lack of excitement over Scott is mysterious to me as he has good size 6'4", a good reach, and has good boxing skills. He doesn't have big power with only 12 knockouts in 35 wins.

He doesn't have a ton of marquee wins but Glazkov is his biggest win which replaces his biggest win Bowie Tupou. He beat Tupou in his last fight. He also has solid journeymen on his resume.

With two solid wins in a row Scott should finally get some recognition as a top 10 or 15 fighter.

Once you add 28-year-old Bryant Jennings into the picture there is a reasonable hope that we will have an American champion sooner rather then later. You can't fix the American heavyweight problem in one night but Scott and Thompson removed some of the demons tormenting us.