Tyson Fury told Betfair that he believes Klitschko is stronger mentally and that will carry him to victory:

“He’s got a strong mentality. He doesn’t let things get to him. Fighting is in the brain, you have to get your tactics right and be measured. We don’t know what will happen, and it does depend on which Klitschko turns up for the fight. If it’s the negative one, who wants to win on points, then he’ll win on points, but if he goes out and looks for the knockout then he’ll win by a knockout. Either way I can’t see it being anything but a win for Klitschko.”

Fury actually has some inside information as he has been a sparring partner to Klitschko before. Although Klitschko has been mentally strong in forever, it peaks my interest a little bit.

When Klitschko was hit on the chin and hurt, although he was much younger, he always kind of folded. He seemed that the mental part of his game was the problem.

Those problems have been fixed, or so it seems, but he hasn't got his chin checked in a long time. If Haye lands a solid punch on him who knows what could happen. Will he revert back to his old ways and fold or will he stand up and fight?

Nobody but Klitschko knows and that is why they fight the fight.