Tyson Fury took care of Nejan Pajkic this weekend, in my personal fight of the weekend, and is looking for a big heavyweight title fight against Alexander Povetkin at Madison Square Garden.

Kevin Francis of the Daily Star is reporting that Fury's promoter Mick Hennessey has already booked the Garden on that weekend. This has Fury, who is Irish, very happy at the potential of fighting on St. Patrick's day weekend at the Garden.

This is one of the few heavyweight fights to get excited about. Fury is looking like a top contender and is getting a little better each time out. He had a wild brawl with Pajkic but showed poised in getting up and stopping his man in the very next round.

Povetkin on the other hand was always looked at as a guy who could make a dent in the division even during the Klitschko Era. That never happened but at the age of 32 he finally got a title shot and won the vacant WBA title over former champion Ruslan Chagaev.

He has his first defense against Cedric Boswell on December 3 and if he wins this fight would make sense for him. It would be a big fight in the United States which is something he hasn't had yet.

The winner would also be in line for either Klitschko. Fury may not be ready for one of them yet but a fight with another top contender could cement his spot as the best fighter not named Klitschko.

This is a very intriguing fight without a doubt. I think Fury is coming along nicely and a win over Povetkin would have him sitting pretty. On the other hand Povetkin has been working with Teddy Atlas and may be better then we know.

The only real way for us to answer these questions is let them fight and see how it plays out.