There has been a lot of talk about the middleweight divison since Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. won a title a few weeks ago, and it has usually revolved around him and Sergio Martinez.

Martinez is by far the best middleweight in the world and Chavez Jr. is probably the most talked about middleweight in the world. The chances of them meeting look slim, and frankly that is Top Ranks doing.

Chavez Jr. is about 15 steps below the level of Martinez and that fight wouldn't be competitive. Martinez would smash Chavez Jr. inside of two rounds. This means the two best known middleweights won't be fighting now, so this is what I think should happen.

Chavez Jr. needs to fight Peter Manfredo Jr. in his first defense. I outlined why I think Manfredo Jr. should get the fight yesterday, but a Manfredo Jr. win would lead to a Martinez fight.

Manfredo Jr. has never backed down from anyone and he wouldn't be afraid to step into the ring with Martinez. It would be a better fight then Chavez Jr. but not by much. Manfredo Jr. is slightly better but not a world better.

Martinez on the other hand needs to fight Darren Barker, as he is supposed to, and then take on Russian Dmitry Pirog. There aren't many fighters out there that people want to see Martinez fight but Pirog is one of them.

So far he has made his career off of a one punch knockout over fellow prospect Danny Jacobs. It was a nice win but he has fought once since then in a fight no one saw in Russia, and Jacobs was a prospect and nothing more.

This would put to rest any talks for Martinez and could close his career out nicely. He doesn't have a lot of good opponents out there and he isn't young.

By the time this sorts itself out Gennady Golovkin may have a decent name in the States and could be ready to take on the real man at middleweight, or Martinez could be gone and fighting a cash only type schedule.