There are a lot of questions going into this fight and that is unusal for a Wladimir Klitschko fight. All his fights follow a pattern and most fighters aren't good enough to change that.

Well David Haye is, he has speed, power, and movement unlike any other in the heavyweight division. Last time Klitschko fought a southpaw with speed he got destroyed by Corrie Sanders.

Haye is much smaller but he is still a southpaw with big power and speed to burn. When he hits Klitschko on the chin, the question is what will happen?

This isn't a young Klitschko who was lacking in confidence and didn't know how to react. When Klitschko gets hit is he going to crumble or is he going to fight back and bash Haye?

This are questions that I have and they will be answered later today. What I do know is Klitschko is bigger, stronger, and is a better boxer. Haye is smaller, faster, moves great, but has power.

I think that Klitschko is just to big for Haye. This will be the biggest and best opponent that Haye has ever fought, and in the end I think that will be the difference.

Klitschko has faced smaller guys like Chris Byrd, who lacked power, who had speed and just outclassed them. Klitschko is going to be 30 pounds heavier and his shots are going to be hard for Haye to take.

I think Haye has three or four rounds to make a move and knock Klitschko out but I don't see it happening. Klitschko is to smart at this point and isn't going to run in there and take a punch.

Klitschko just saps your confidence, and Haye has a ton of that, and makes you doubt why you are in the ring. I think if Klitschko takes Haye's confidence he will win the fight.

Haye has never been sapped of his confidence and it will be a shock to him. I think Klitsckho wears him down and wins via TKO-11 on a ref/corner stoppage.

A Klitschko win means the American fans tune out the heavyweight division while Europeans keep on caring. Most see a Haye win as a big thing for the heavyweight division but I disagree.

He says he wants to retire by October 13 and I think he will. That means he will defend against Vitali, retire and leave us with no top heavyweight. That is far worse then the two headed monster.