Well isn't this interesting. Reports are surfacing that Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim has tossed out a cool offer to Manny Pacquiao. Slim has said he would give Pacquaio $65 million to fight Saul Alvarez in Mexico.

Slim is worth $74 billion dollars and that my friends makes him the richest man alive, which means he could come through on this HUGE promise.

This is an interesting development for a couple reasons, the first being it appears that Pacquiao is seriously considering this.

This was revealed yesterday by Ilocos Sur Gov. Luis “Chavit” Singson, a long-time confidante of Pacquiao, who said that negotiations with Slim, the world’s wealthiest man, have already started and that Pacquiao was interested in the guaranteed money.

You can't really blame him here as the most money ever made by one fighter on one night is $52 million by Oscar De La Hoya when he fought Floyd Mayweather Jr.

This would trump that by $13 million and would probably be even higher once you included pay-per-view buys. The second reason this is fairly interesting and not just chatter is Golden Boy and Top Rank have made up recently and have expressed desire to work together.

That is the key in all of this and with this kind of money invovled it could be the fight that puts these two sides back on working terms. The last thing that makes this interesting is the choice of Alvarez.

He is 21-years-old, largely untested but brings in a title and a record of 36-0-1 with 26 knockouts. He has a dangerous fight with Ryan Rhodes coming up, and if he wins this fight could take shape.

This could be a rumor that never gains steam but Slim has the money to make this happen, and Alvarez is wildy popular in Meixco. If they put this in a 100,000 seat stadium it could be huge.

If there is anything to this we could be watching Pacuqiao-Alvarez, in a one sided win for Pacquiao, instead of Pacquiao-Mayweather. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of this.