In an interesting piece over at Matthew Macklin says he thinks his recent "robbery" loss to Felix Sturm will help David Haye:

"I think David has the power and speed to knock Klitschko out anyway and take it out of the judges hands but if it goes to the scorecards then I think the spotlight will really be on the judges after my fight and hopefully David will get a fair shake."

This is a very interesting point that I haven't thought of. I don't think that Macklin-Sturm was an outright robbery as some have said, but it was a very close fight. The Haye-Wladimir Klitschko fight will take place in Hamburg, Germany.

Klitschko has fought in Germany 42 times and is 42-1 (39 KO) in those fights. That only leaves two fights that went to the cards, one win was a DQ, and neither of them were close.

Klitschko isn't a homegrown German, he is from the Ukraine, but he is one of, if not the most popular, athlete over there.

He beat Chris Byrd by scores of 120-106, 119-107, and 118-108. In 1998 he beat Everett Martin over eight rounds, neither of these fights were questioned when the final cards were read. I understand the whole never go to Germany thing but it doesn't apply here.

Klitschko isn't Felix Sturm, who is a underrated fighter I believe, because he doesn't win close. He is that much better then his opponents and I have a feeling that could happen again on Saturday. Haye is a very live underdog, but he is an underdog for a reason.

If this fight does go to the cards and it is close I have no worries that it will go to Klitschko. Haye went to Germany and beat Nikolay Valuev in a close fight, and he wasn't the "home" guy.

The only way I could see the Macklin fight effecting this fight is if they bring in the same judges and I doubt that happens. Three judges that had nothing to do with the Mackin-Sturm fight aren't going to have it in the back of their heads.

They will be scoring the fight in front of them and not thinking about any previous fights in Germany. The ghost of Sven Ottke isn't going to make them give a close round to Haye instead of Wladimir. Crowds can sway fights but the crowds in Germany stay mostly quiet.

The only time you get much noise out of them is when someone is about to get finished. I believe that American crowds can sway rounds but I can't say the same for a German crowd.

This is an interesting thought but in the end I believe it will have no effect on the fight.