Last night, Saturday, December 1, currently world ranked and former lightweight champion Paul "The Pittsburgh Kid" Spadafora (47-0-1 19 KO) used his defense and jab to defeat fellow world ranked fighter Solomon "Mr. Jones" Egberime (22-4-1 11 KO).

The crowd was hot for Spadafora as he made his entrance and they started chanting "Spaddy" not long after the opening bell. The first round was slow and saw Spadafora win it with his jab.

The next two rounds were the best for Egberime as he used his lead right, which was his best weapon all night, and uppercuts to keep Spadafora off balance. A hook to the shoulder of Spadafora made him stumble a bit.

Trainer Tommy Yankello said that the fight would be close for three or four rounds then it would turn in Spadafora's favor and thats excatly what happened. Spadafora came out more aggressive and immediately pushed Egberime back with a solid straight left hand.

Spadafora contiuned using his jab and was landing better combinations. The fifth and sixth rounds saw Spadafora pumping his jab as well as mixing in right hands. The ninth round saw Spadafora get cut from a headbutt.

Spadafora said after the fight that Egberime fought dirty and used his head throughout the bout. Egberime came out guns blazing in the final round and landed the better shots but it was to little to late.

I scored the fight 97-93 for Spadafora giving him every round outside of the second, third, and tenth. He made great adjustments after the third and almost swept my card.

The official scores were a bit wider than my score at 98-91, 97-94, and a very wide 100-90. Spadafora said he wants to come back in February and is looking for a big name.

That is a real possibilty as he was ranked No. 11 by the WBA and No. 17 by the WBC before this win so he should crack the top ten in the WBA.